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Beauty In The Passing Of Time

In my last post, I shared the story of how our family passed the time while waiting for an Internet cafe to open by photographing the streets of Montepulciano, and I posted the first of 3 Mini pieces I’ve drawn and painted from those photos. Here are the other 2 from that ironically-productive afternoon’s wait.

The second piece, “Tuscan Windows”, is so named because this wall looked to me like a display in a shutter vendor’s showroom. So many different sizes and colours of shutter on one wall – blue, violet, green, brown, wood, metal! And the wall itself was not in great shape, with splotches of plaster stuck here and there, likely to keep some damaged brickwork in place. However throw in those colourful shutters and a few flower boxes, and voilà… or rather, ecco… a Tuscan scene full of charm!


#40 - Tuscan Windows

#40 – Tuscan Windows – sold

40 Tuscan Window studio


The next Mini is from a photo of a much finer building… at least in its day. The doorway architecture is much grander with the intricate iron balcony above it. However, the same stained plaster splotches are dotted everywhere on this beauty, too. Again, add flower pots and a climbing vine to the rusting balcony and I’m in love!

#42 - Tuscan Doorway

#42 – Tuscan Doorway – sold

42 Tuscan Doorway studio


Together, they are a lovely trio, celebrating all the architectural beauty of Tuscan towns. Despite the weathering by the passage of time, I admire the effort to retain the beauty and respect for these historical structures.

Tuscan Window collage

(Each piece is 2.5″ x 3.5″ on 140 lb archival watercolour paper, permanent ink, and professional grade watercolours; all sold, but other miniatures are available at my Etsy Shop here)

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    • Hi Alison: You’re right about Italian decay. Kind of like French decay too. Oh, and decaying barns, and… For me, I think it’s imagining the history/stories attached to it.

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