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Wherefore Art Thou, Internet Guy?

I’ve painted a number of doors from travel photos, but I probably have just as many photos of balconies and windows. Is it the “Juliet thing” that draws me to these structures?

For my upcoming show next holiday Monday, I’m working on a trio of new Mini’s of balconies and windows. The images for this trio come from Montepulciano in Tuscany, taken in 2009. For some reason that I’ve long forgotten, we were waiting on the street for an Internet cafe (remember those?) to open so my husband could email something to somewhere. We waited long past the hour it was to open, busying ourselves with photographing anything and everything in the vicinity. While it was a bit frustrating that the Internet cafe owner was nowhere to be seen, we likely wouldn’t have taken some of the best photographs of our trip if he had been on time!

Here’s the first of the 3 Mini’s – a beautiful balcony that I imagined stepping out onto in the morning with a hot espresso to take in the Tuscan morning!

#39 - Tuscan Balcony

#39 – Tuscan Balcony


39 Tuscan Balcony studio

(2.5″ x 3.5″ on 140 lb Arches cold-pressed watercolour paper, permanent ink, and professional grade watercolours)


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  1. Yes, we still have internet cafes here…they’re especially useful whenever I need to print out a letter or two. I understand the frustration of waiting; perhaps he was having a siesta! Lovely painting, Marion. I just love the architectural elements of Italian buildings — the curvy wrought iron framework, the seemingly always-red geraniums in pots, the shutters. Very romantic.

  2. I love windows and doors!! I wish we had windows like these where I live. The flowers would die from the 110 heat index days. Your painting is amazing. All who see it will be transported to that beautiful balcony!

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