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In my art, I capture the places that I love! These places have left me speechless in the presence of their beauty, have left or ignited memories, or have helped me feel most connected to myself.

Working mostly from photography in my studio, I re-imagine these places and moments first as detailed permanent ink drawings on archival watercolour paper, which are then painted with vibrant artist-grade watercolours. While I work in many sizes, I’ve been especially fascinated the last few years with the miniature and smaller formats, having created over 175 pieces of 2.5” x 3.5”.

Regardless of the artwork’s size, my intention is always to make the viewer feel like they are in these special places, standing alongside me.

Please enjoy wandering with me through my gallery of works!

Italy Paintings

France Paintings

Spain and Portugal Paintings 

North America Paintings

Other Places



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