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Another Card Conundrum – Part One

After finishing up the mini cards at the end of last month, it dawned on me that my card-making days for 2015 were not yet over. It was Christmas card time!

For the last few years, I’ve been making my own holiday cards. Two years ago, I made each card unique, doing mostly collage and gel prints. Last year, I created one card design that I had printed, and made individualized Sketchy Memories cards for immediate family members. This year, I don’t have the luxury of the prep time I’ve had in previous years. So, what to do!!??!!

My first thought – RE-PURPOSE! Is there anything in my recent portfolio of work that I could adapt to a Christmas theme? I started playing with different images, but I had the most fun with my Inktober sketches. I jumped into Microsoft Paint to quickly add some hats and beards (and boots in one case) to some of my sculpture sketches. And here’s a card series I came up with:

While I liked the outcome of this re-purposing experiment, I became overcome with a case of the guilts that I hadn’t picked up a real pen or paintbrush for this meaningful project. Yes, I know, I’m perpetuating my own card conundrum – more to come in Part Two!

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