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Another Card Conundrum – Part Two

With 6 holiday cards in the bank, I kept trying to cast aside these urges to make more cards, but this time from scratch. For this busy season, I had nicely laid out an art-making schedule so that I could enjoy the preparations for the holidays and not be stressed. And I was on schedule until December 2 – the day of the California shootings.

Like so many, I was shook up. Again. I couldn’t do work for a few days. When I picked up my pen, all I wanted to do was create an image of comfort… of beauty, of love. I started combing through my travel photos for something to draw, when I came upon a photo of part of an amazing ceiling fresco in Italy’s Basilica of Santa Casa, Loreto. The fresco, done by Melozzo da Forli in the late 1400’s, is of several angels, and is strikingly beautiful. I recalled a strong sensation of serenity taking in these frescos and especially fixed my gaze on this one angel.

I started to draw the angel as a way to decompress. And as I was drawing and painting, all I kept hearing in my head was “Peace on earth, can it be” from the David Bowie/Bing Crosby holiday song. I switched out the pincers originally in the angel’s hand with a candle, and the card conundrum peacefully came to a resolution.

My holiday wish to all of you is that you find peace, love and beauty during this holiday season and all the year through! And thank you so much for your support!

Da Forli Angel Loreto


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  1. Lovely, Marion! You felt the need for a guardian angel, and this one fits perfectly. Interestingly, I am listening right now to Bing Crosby’s Christmas album…lovely too…mellow and peaceful. Many good wishes to you for Christmas and the coming new year. Good sales too — this card is a keeper! 🙂

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