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A Fisherman’s Door


You challenge time 

since the dawn of the world.

These words were carved in Italian into the stone plaque beside this door facing the docks in the beautiful seaside town of Camogli. Were they quoted from Italian poetry or were they the observations of the village’s fishermen? And why were they posted at this particular door versus in the town square on some statue or in the church? Who lived here and what had they known of the sea?

Many questions like these pop into my mind when I come upon an interesting door. What caught my eye about this one was its obvious beauty – the flowering bougainvillea above the fading brick arch, the sturdy forest-green door set into the rugged stone wall, the little porthole window. Once I got closer I saw the plaque, and understood the word “Mare” (sea). Then I opened the translation app on my phone to learn that the rest of the quote spoke to the hardships of a relationship with these waters. 

Maybe this plaque is posted as a reminder to be respectful of nature’s power. Or it may be honouring a family’s legacy of fishing these waters. Or perhaps these words serve to remind us that there is always more story to tell beyond what we initially see!

#160 – Camogli Door, Italian Riviera

2.5″ x 3.5″ ink and watercolour

Original available at my online Etsy shop, ArtWeWonderful, and at local art events


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  1. What a beautiful painting! Could you please tell me the Italian version of this, as I am having a difficult time deciphering it on my Kind regards, Vicki Clare

    • Hi Vicki! I couldn’t get the entire wording clearly onto the plaque in the miniature painting. It reads in Italian: Mare, tu sfidi il tempo dall’alba del mondo.

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