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A Corking Good Bike

I’m a sucker for a decorative bicycle!

Put a colourful bike in front of a shop or a restaurant, and dress it up with baskets or flowers, and I will definitely take a photo of it. I’m not exactly sure why it appeals to me, but it likely has something to do with my romantic, nostalgic inclination… and a daydream of cycling to an Italian or French village market for fresh flowers and vegetables.

These photos have been calling to me lately, and so I selected a duo of decorative bikes to paint as a 5″ x 7″ series. The first one I’ve finished is called “Orvieto Trattoria” and has one of the most over-the-top bikes I’ve seen. I came across it last spring as I wandered through the side streets on a sunny Mother’s Day afternoon. It was adorned with a basket of daisies, a wine box filled with small colourful flowers, daffodils in the spokes, and… wine corks affixed to every part of the structure including the seat! Yes, this bike was making a clear statement about the restaurant it was advertising – fresh food, a fine wine selection, and traditional offerings.

It wasn’t open as I passed, but one day I must revisit (maybe by bike?) and stop in for a glass of Orvieto wine!

Orvieto Trattoria (2018) – sold

(5″ x 7″, ink and watercolour)


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