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Unique Doors in Isolabona

You are as welcome as the flowers in May. 

-Charles Macklin

One more Mini Vacations door! Couldn’t help myself!

I came across this unique door in the town of Isolabona, in the hills north of the Italian Riviera. So many of the others doors I encountered had plants and flowers alongside the entrance, but not above the door arch. It struck me as very warm and welcoming! Took the photo, and then saw all those unique shadows, especially on the door from those plants. Too intriguing not to paint!

27 - Door in Isolabona, Italy (studio)

#27 – Door in Isolabona, Italy (studio)

This village was neat to explore because there was so much local artwork installed on the walls down side streets – I had never seen that before. Definitely worth the visit! And I came across another door in town that caught my attention, but not because of its rustic beauty – more so because it made me laugh! Had to take a photo!

Translation - Beware of the dog and his master

Translation – Beware of the dog and his master

Doors done… for now!

Next up some Provençal village streets and views of Positano!

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  1. I love drawing doors. I find doors so interesting. I think about all kinds of things. Who has knocked on that door before? Was that the original door? What mysteries live beyond that door? If I knock will I meet the most wonderful person on this planet? Just a little crazy kind of pondering. I love your art.

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