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Loin Loin De La Ville

As I was thinking about a title for this post about my latest mini piece, this French song from my childhood immediately came to mind – “Loin Loin De La Ville” by Boule Noire. Strange how our brains work… or maybe how MY brain works!

The translation of the chorus is “take me far far from the city” and a good deal of the song talks about love and fresh air. The village street in this piece is from Saint-Paul de Vence, which, while only 30 minutes from Nice, feels far far from the city. And I visited after a torrential downpour, so the air was fresh, and I did fall in love with this street scene. So I guess my brain connections aren’t that unexplainable!

#28 - A Street in Saint-Paul de Vence

#28 – A Street in Saint-Paul de Vence – sold

For the folks out there who are curious about art processes: I played with a bunch of texture techniques in this one – more than usual. Sponging on the walls (sea and cellulose sponge bits), multiple splatters of Moonglow & Indigo (Daniel Smith) followed by watered-down Dr. Ph Martin’s Bleed Proof White on the street with a small fan brush, and lots of dry-brushing. I had fun figuring out how to create these textures on a 2.5″ x 3.5″ piece!

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  1. The song sounds like an early version of Stevie Wonder’s hit about the city on the album Inner Visions, can’t recall the name but it was one of my faves. The sketch is enticing, as usual. Lovely place too.

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