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More from my Sketchbook Project – Rome

From my Sketchbook Project, here are the Rome drawings – all of them focused on the Vatican.

St. Peter’s Square: During the day there are so many people in the square – people from all over the world, all religions. It’s the best people-watching spot in Rome.

St. Peters Square

St. Peters Square

The inside of St. Peter’s Cathedral is so cavernous. Thomas Trollope, the author, said that you could fill it up with thousands of people and it would still seem empty. Here’s just a view to the main altar.

Towards the altar of St. Peter's Cathedral

Towards the altar of St. Peter’s Cathedral

In 2006, my friend Carrie had to cancel a trip to Italy as she fought breast cancer. After that fight in 2007, she made the trip, and one of the most poignant moments for me during that trip was her resolve to stand in a long line to touch the foot of St. Peter for good health. Had to put the moment in the sketchbook!

Carrie and St. Peter's lucky foot

Carrie and St. Peter’s lucky foot

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  1. Stunning! I love the way you used colour sparingly in these, it really draws your focus to the subject and creates a sense of intense light.

    • Hi, Michael: Thanks for stopping by and for your kind words! I sketch both on-site and from photos – just depends on the project and how much time I have. The Rome drawings were done from my travel photos for a submission to The Sketchbook Project in Brooklyn, NY.

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