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La Dolce Vignetta

Over these last few months housebound, I’ve definitely become one of the millions who has taken up the new practice of “Couch Travelling”… far more than is recommended.

I find myself seeking out shows or videos about travel destinations on my must-see list (or my just-had-to-cancel list). Have you watched any of those 2 – 3 hour video walking tours of places on YouTube? They are incredible. Along with my husband, I’ve watched some of places we’ve been, and we provide a running commentary throughout. Not only has it been fun to do, but it’s also been interesting because it got me thinking about memory – what we choose to remember and what becomes very foggy.

He and I remembered very specific and yet completely different details. I’ve encountered this at art shows too, where visitors will have a travel detail or memory triggered by something in one of my paintings, a detail I’ve scarcely noticed even though I must have painted it. Hmmm… interesting.

This curious truth has stayed with me as I started on some new work in the studio. What stays in focus when we travel, or for that matter, when we go through life? And afterwards, what do we remember? From these musings, I decided to try some vignette-style compositions in miniature – drawing an outline of a scene, painting in only some of the detail, leaving some in pastel fog. Additionally, I’ve created a frayed deckle edge to the watercolour paper rather than a clear cut edge.

For the paintings, I’ve chosen an Italian subject, because so much of my yearning to travel now is to Italy. And my fondest, and also increasingly my foggiest, memories are of my several trips there. Guess this is one of those instances of art imitating life.

Enough artist rambling… here are the companion vignette miniature pieces “Uptown Riomaggiore” and “Downtown Riomaggiore”. (3″ x 3″ ink and watercolour)

Uptown Riomaggiore

Downtown Riomaggiore


Float mount framing

Sweet memories!

(To acquire either of these pieces, go to my Original Miniatures Shop page)


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