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Doors Actually… Make Me Giggle Too

I’m often asked about how I choose painting subjects. I look for the subject to make me feel something, like awe, appreciation, wonder, pride, connection, joy, amusement… and the list goes on.

For instance, last December when I visited Italy, I was looking primarily for beautifully-decorated and evocative doors for future miniature paintings or a possible Christmas card series. But I chose the subject for the doorway of my latest miniature, “Siena Osteria, Holiday-Style” because it made me giggle.

This osteria didn’t do a stellar decorating job but I loved the Tuscan-Christmas mash up! A garlic and lemon garland next to a plastic holly and poinsettia garland. A Santa leaning next to a hairy wild boar leg adorned with a sparkly red bow. And don’t forget the wicker wine jug – a staple of all holiday celebrations!

I managed retail shops for many years, and trying to decorate a place of business while maintaining its identity is really, really hard. Some of my giggling probably also came from my recollections of my own so-so attempts at holiday merchandising (I wasn’t good at it). And because of my connection to this aspect of the scene, I definitely HAD to paint it.

#167 – Siena Osteria, Holiday-Style

Ink and Watercolour 2.5″ x 3.5″… or 3 grape tomatoes high!

Even though this holiday door decoration is a little out of the ordinary, this painting makes me feel happy – amused and charmed!

(Original available in my Miniature Ink and Watercolour Originals Shop here)

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  1. Me too! I was a merchandiser, and always love to see how others merchandise and I can’t help myself when things are in disarray to help straighten things out! My friends say, their she goes! Cute Idea for Christmas cards!

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