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It’s Almost Like Being There

I spent the last few weeks in the beautiful Cinque Terre… without leaving my easel… in Canada! And it was lovely!

Painting two commissioned ink and watercolour pieces for a new client gave me the delicious opportunity to recall my travels to this region. It also brought to mind the many, many conversations I had this year with visitors to my shows about their Cinque Terre adventures. Watching their faces light up when sharing their CT stories has been a highlight of my show season, like:

  • The solo woman traveller proudly talking about conquering all the hiking trails after never having hiked before
  • The newlywed couple pointing out on my largest painting, Riomaggiore, exactly where he proposed to her
  • A generous nonna who gave up her bed to the stranded Canadian couple in a town with no room vacancies
  • The Mom showing her children the Cinque Terre towns in my paintings she visited as a backpacker long before they were born, and answering their rapid-fire questions
  • The couple who had just returned and were incredulously swimming every day in late October
  • Numerous recommendations for the best pasta-gelato-seafood-wine “I ever had in my life”

The stories flowed so easily, and ended with declarations of longing to return. More than any other Italian subject I’ve painted, the Cinque Terre elicits the most excited recognition, broad smiles, sparkling eyes, and a desire to talk. This place has a very palpable magic!

And as these 2 pieces make their way to my client’s home in Australia – again, thousands of miles away from the Cinque Terre – I hope the magic will stay strong, produce smiles and sparkling eyes, and a desire to share her adventures.

Riomaggiore commission (5″ x 7″, ink and watercolour)

Vernazza commission (5″ x 7″, ink and watercolour)

(Images posted with permission from the client; for details about getting a commission done, all the info is here.)

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  1. These are really beautiful, I love the quality of the light in these paintings. I am just starting out doing commissions and was interested in how well you have it all explained on your website. I love sketchy travel drawings, unfortunately I have more sketching then travelling at the moment, but next year should be different. Karen.

    • Hi, Karen: Thanks for the feedback on my commission services info – I’ve edited it a bunch of times based on questions I get from prospective clients, and I always wonder if I’ve struck the right amount of content. Live and learn, as they say. Thanks also for your kind words on the pieces. I really love doing commissions and hearing the stories of why the chosen subjects mean so much. Best of success on your commission endeavours, too!

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