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Got A Bad Case of Tuscanitis

I believe I am suffering from “Tuscanitis”!

What is that? A critical deficiency of Tuscany in your overall system.

How is it diagnosed? There are many telltale signs.

Here’s one: You have it if you watch reruns of the BBC TV show “Second Chance Summer: Tuscany” over and over again. Not because it’s riveting television, but rather for all that gorgeous photography of the Tuscan landscape – at dawn, at dusk, in the mist, in the sun, and even in the rain. Makes me sigh!

You have it, if you can infect others. A girlfriend dropped by for tea, and we both got very teary-eyed talking about how much we miss Tuscany. We needed multiple tissues!

Another sign – I painted 2 more miniature pieces from my travels in Tuscany… like I haven’t painted enough Tuscany already. I needed that fix! As I paint I could submerge myself in all things Tuscan. Like a:

#104 – Tuscan Vineyard – sold

In Studio (2.5″ x 3.5″)

This painting is inspired by the first place I stayed on my first trip to Tuscany – a family vineyard and agriturismo near Asciano. This place was magical! Wine, olive oil, thermal baths, swimming, outdoor oven, a huge terrace overlooking the rolling Crete Senesi landscape – all on the property. It reminds a lot of the property on that BBC show, and I get very emotional watching it because it reminds me of when I first fell in love with the Tuscan countryside.

#105 – Palazzo Vecchio, Florence

In Studio (2.5″ x 3.5″)

Florence – the jewel of Tuscany, my favourite city in the world! It’s a city I’ve been to so often that I’ve created little habits or traditions I aim to do on each visit. One of them is to walk through the Palazzo Vecchio at night. It’s often open quite late, and makes a great place to walk off dinner. It’s also quite empty at night, so I can easily pretend I’m one of the Medici roaming the halls of my big house. Ha ha!

So, what is the cure for Tuscanitis? Right now, I would say I’m “treating” it with the grape Sangiovese, but as this isn’t the most healthy of treatments, I will probably have to go for the ultimate remedy soon and book a plane ticket!

(Check out my Etsy shop  if you are suffering from Tuscanitis!)

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