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Sketching Loosey-Goosey!

In between long stretches of slow and detailed work in my studio on my miniature paintings, I have been able to release my Inner Toddler with some loosey-goosey sketching.

Yes, we are going “Inside The Artist’s Process” today on Art We Wonderful!

I often sketch on-site in small sketchbooks and journals I carry with me, especially when I’m waiting around or visiting a new place. And unlike in my cosy studio, I usually don’t have the luxury of time, the comfort of a good chair, or any of my “correcting” materials! So, these sketches are generally freer (for me), inaccurate, and messy.

But despite all their obvious flaws, I’m very fond of them! I get to work things out and capture a moment in real-time. I have a favourite small Stillman & Birn Alpha Hardcover sketchbook filled with these little messes that is a treasured possession. Probably that’s because so much of my work is precise, and these sketches allow me the pleasure of imprecision! Like a good stretch, laugh or primal scream!

I haven’t shared many of these sketches (“what happens in the Alpha sketchbook stays in the Alpha sketchbook!”), because they aren’t in keeping with my other work on this website. But I’ve come to realize these sketches are an important part of my process – one that helps me release the pressure valve and play!

So, here’s a sample of these sketches from the last year, organized in order of the time I had to sketch/paint them – from 2 minutes to 2 hours!


Small Sketches in Moleskine Travel Journal

Having Coffee:

My Cookies

The View

Standing In a Morning Garden:

Sitting In An Afternoon Garden:

On The Street (painted quickly in a hotel room):

At A Picnic Table:

Sitting Here, Sketching This

I do believe it’s time to go loosey-goosey again – off to sketch the lumpy pumpkin in our garden! It’s been calling me out to play for days!

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