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The Doors of Orvieto, Part 2

Did I mention I took dozens of door photos in Orvieto, Italy?

Think I did. So you know more door paintings of Orvieto were coming soon!

I went on a search for a particular building in Orvieto this past May – a house covered in wall pots. I saw it on the Internet and had an address for it, but once I was trouncing through the town’s streets, I discovered the address was wrong. Luckily I chanced upon it after 10 minutes of wandering aimlessly. I took loads of photos, and I can likely paint at least 4 good pieces from there. First up, the door! This piece is #81, “Orvieto Potted Door”.

#81 – Orvieto Potted Door

In Studio (2.5″ x 3.5″, ink and watercolour)

The fourth door I’ve painted of Orvieto caught my eye because of its bricked arch and terracotta wall pieces. When I took the photo of this door, I decided to include the little balcony above, thinking it made such a nice composition. Only when I was home drawing the piece did I see that this perfect little composition wasn’t so perfect – the balcony was not centred over the door. At first I thought that I’d correct this and draw it centred, but I quickly dismissed that notion in order to capture the quirky AND beautiful truth of Italy. Here’s “Green Lantern Door, Orvieto”:

#82 – Green Lantern Door, Orvieto

In Studio (2.5″ x 3.5″, ink and watercolour)


(Available at local art events or on my Etsy Shop, ArtWeWonderful)

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