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A Look Behind The Door

What more can be said about a beautiful door!

I’ve written a lot about the doors and their homes featured in my “Mini Vacations” miniature paintings, and I’m running out of words! You could say that this one, in the south of France, has left me speechless. Ha ha!

Almost. I can offer a few words to the “art-curious” out there about why I selected this subject for the painting from my 2014 file of travel photos. Biggest reasons – balance and colours. This image had 3 main areas of focus that balanced the composition very well – the canopy of vines, the window, and the door. And the presence of all the greens also drew me to it, ranging from the deep-blue greens to the yellower versions. It also gave me a chance to play with painting different textures, like the speckled asphalt and the patchwork of cobblestone. For me, all these elements created excitement to jump into this work!

Oh yeah, and as per usual while painting, it took me back to a summer day in the south of France, aimlessly wandering the streets of a charming village!

This is the second door painting in a new series of 3:

#67 – Provençal Green Door – sold

#67 – Provençal Green Door (in studio)

(Available now for purchase at my Etsy shop, ArtWeWonderful)

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