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Celebrating Toronto-ness

As 2017 marks Canada’s 150th birthday, I’ve been painting some pieces celebrating the country. My first 2 miniature paintings showcased Québec City, and my newest miniature stays closer to home with a painting set in downtown Toronto.

Near a favourite brunch spot, I came across a terrific vista of the CN Tower. I took out my phone to snap the photo, only to notice a few other iconic Toronto elements in the lens’ view. The bright red newspaper boxes of The Toronto Sun and the daily Metro’s green boxes are familiar tenants on many downtown street corners, but the number of them are dwindling as we turn to our devices for news. And as I was composing the shot, one of the city’s colourful orange and green taxis approached the corner – another Toronto icon facing stiff competition from non-taxi services. I waited to take the picture until the taxi was in the intersection.

When I saw the photo, I knew it would be a great subject for a Canada 150-themed miniature painting – celebrating all this “Toronto-ness” in one image!

The scanned version of the painting:

#66 – The View at Portland & Wellington, Toronto – sold

The studio version for scale:

#66 – The View at Portland & Wellington, Toronto (in studio)

And if you’re thinking of visiting Canada in the future, this would be a great year to do it! Just sayin’!

(Original available now for purchase at my Etsy Shop, Art We Wonderful)

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  1. What a perfect capture Marion both the photograph and it’s interpretation 😍 Well done friend. That tall tower, It is near by niagara falls? This might be a silly question but I’m eager to know 😀

    • Hi, Snehal: This tower that I’ve painted, the CN Tower, is located in downtown Toronto which is a 1.5 hours drive from Niagara Falls. But perhaps you are thinking about the much smaller tower (about 1100 ft shorter) in Niagara Falls called Skylon Tower? Have you been?

      • Thank you Marion, yes I have been to Niagara falls few months back from US side. I thought it is the same in your painting that’s what I asked 🙂 🙂

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