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Little Pink Houses For You And Me

Several times I hummed Jonn Mellencamp’s “Pink Houses” while I was drawing and painting art card #15.

15 Pink Barga House

#15 – Pink Barga House – sold

This pink house, while not so little, is found in Barga in northwest Tuscany. I was at a week-long art course just outside this town in 2014, and one night, the group went into Barga for dinner. On our way to the restaurant we passed a side street with this dazzling house and its pink and violet snowball hydrangea plant. Upon seeing it, a couple of us pulled out our camera-phones to snap a picture – you could tell we had”art on the brain”. At dinner (which was amaaazing, btw), we shared some photos of subjects we wanted to paint when we got home, and this house was on several of our lists.

Finally, I’ve painted it! Even though it’s 2.5″ by 3.5″, it still reminds me of a great evening in Barga with new art friends from the UK, New Zealand, Singapore and the US!


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  1. Yeah, I just like how the planning laws are probably non-existent and people build where they can. This produces such interesting ‘views’ as this one. And, of course, the colour schemes of these houses are much more lively than boring old modern homes I see here where I live! Wish I was there, purely for the wonderful stimulation provided by the architecture and colourful homes, and towns too, of course. Love your doodle…

    • Yes, Janina, I agree with you. If someone painted their house that colour in my neighbourhood, there would be an uproar. I remember in our last neighbourhood, someone painted their garage door a pink colour, and it became known as the “eyesore” of the neighbourhood – I thought it was very cheery!

      • Yes, I understand exactly re the ‘eyesore’ of negative attitudes and conservatism. People don’t like change. Thank goodness for places like Italy and Greece and all the other Mediterranean islands where can get to enjoy colour in the architecture and designs of homes.

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