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When Painting Is An Eye Test

In a few weeks, I’ll be taking part in my first Artist Trading Card (ATC) event. If you haven’t heard of these, you create a number of 2.5″ x 3.5″ original art cards, and at the event trade your cards with other artists for their cards. In this way, you collect small art pieces from other artists.

After I committed to participating, I had to decide what to put on these very small pieces of paper. The advice I received was to “just do what you do”. Well, lately what I usually do are detailed drawings with watercolour of favourite travel destinations and photos. Could I create a full street scene the size of a baseball card?

Not without my light-magnifier! I sketched my first one and saw that it was possible, so I went on to sketch 6 cards of scenes from Burano. Then I needed a day to get over the persistent twitching that developed in my left eye! I started painting yesterday – this was also a little tricky. I don’t know how miniature artists like Lorraine Loots do this every day!

It’s been a great exercise in teaching me something quite paradoxical – what’s elemental to capture but also how far can I go with detail.

Burano 1 Artist Trading Card

Burano 1 Artist Trading Card



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    • I’m finding out these trading card events are very popular and lots of fun. The one I’m going to is a fundraiser, so there’s a small entrance fee with proceeds going to a food bank.

      • Super idea for a fundraiser. When I move to Florida I want to get involved with an art center there, and I will definitely recommend doing one – thanks!!!

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