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Mother Nature Watches Over

My #inktober 7th drawing is from a photo I took of a seaside sculpture in Portovenere, Italy.

This wonderful bronze (I think) sculpture is positioned, sitting on a natural rock bench, looking out over the Mediterranean Sea, and I thought it represented the local women waiting for their family fishermen to return home. If there was a plaque explaining it, I missed it. Only after I decided to post this drawing did I do the research and found out:

  1. It’s entitled “Mater Natura” or Mother Nature.
  2. It was made by Lello Scorzelli, the sculptor that made that phenomenal papal cross that Pope John Paul II made famous and is now carried by Pope Francis. I couldn’t find out the date he made this sculpture… anyone out there know?
#inktober 7th - Mother Nature by Scorzelli, Portovenere

#inktober 7th – Mother Nature by Scorzelli, Portovenere

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