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Someone’s Knocking At The Door

I’m continuing my #inktober challenge with 2 more door knocker drawings – why not!

For #inktober 2nd, I drew the bottom part of the #inktober 1st door knocker, but as a separate drawing. Then, I tried to stitch them together via computer editing. While the proportions are a bit off, it mostly worked.

#inktober 2nd - bottom of unusual door knocker

#inktober 2nd – bottom of unusual door knocker

#inktober 1 & 2 stitched together

#inktober 1 & 2 stitched together

And for #inktober 3rd, I drew a door knocker from a small town in Umbria called Panicale. I love how people decide to make mundane things so beautiful. For this one, I imagine the homeowners love their dog and have immortalized the cherished pup with something they will see every time they enter their home.

#inktober 3rd - Panicale Puppy door knocker

#inktober 3rd – Panicale Puppy door knocker

All drawings done in a Stillman & Birn Alpha journal with Platinum Carbon desk pen, Staedtler pigment liner (.005) and Copic Multiliner (.003).

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