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What Are You Listening To When You Create?

Working medSince I’ve been working on the Sketchbook Project for long stretches of time, I’ve been experimenting with listening to all kinds of media.

Movies in the background have not been good – I never looked up and they sounded like Charlie Brown’s teacher (Waa, waa, waa).

My go-to is usually radio (commercial, internet, etc.), which has been fine but at some point, the repetition of songs is very noticeable and annoying. And the playlists I’ve created are getting old!

But, in the last few weeks, I’ve been loving podcasts playing along with my creating. And not just any podcasts, but ones that having inspiring, motivational and creativity aspects. Surprisingly, I am able to pay attention to them AND to my drawing. I’ve loaded up on “The Accidental Creative”, “The Unmistakable Creative”, “The James Altucher Show”, “The Portfolio Life”, “The Good Life Project”, “Happier With Gretchen Rubin”, “Gently Mad”, and “Six Pixels of Separation” (all on iTunes).

What do you listen to? If you have any creativity podcast recommendations, I’d love to hear them – literally!

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  1. I am an audiobook addict, I’ll pretty much listen to anything as long as it’s well read and long. This way I’ve ready loads of books I never would have tackled on paper. I’m like you, when I’m sketching I seem to take it in a lot better than just sitting and listening. Some of my favourite books on creativity are “The Creative Habit”, “The Talent Code”, and “The Element”.

    • I haven’t listened to audiobooks while creating, but will definitely give it a try. The books you’ve listed are also some of my favourites! I haven’t read The Talent Code so I’ll go looking for it. Thanks!

  2. I am happy you just gave me some creativity podcasts! One podcast I really like is The Bugle….generally get some giggles out it, but I also HIGHLY recommend Serial….all 12 or so are out now and I found it highly entertaining.

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