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Travel Journal: From Photo to Canvas

Venice (1021x1024)

A Venice Canal

Once I came upon a scene to sketch, in the seconds that followed I’d discover 10 more rich possibilities… and so I took photos of them as subjects for future drawings.

I’ve worked up a few of these photos since I’ve returned from the holiday. This is such a different experience than working in the moment in the location – with pros and cons. I liked not having some of the environmental distractions (bugs, weather, bad seats) and having more time to work on the drawings. But this also caused me to be far more careful and sometimes too wrapped up in trying to recreate the photo – this wasn’t such a fixation of mine while on site.

Here are a few that made my travel journal, worked on at home – all are 005 and .01 pigment liner and watercolour on Moleskine (in journal) or Strathmore (pasted into journal) watercolour paper.



Val di Pozza, Tuscany

Val di Pozza, Tuscany


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