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A Little Venice Goes A Long Way!

Over the last year, I have become a regular viewer of a YouTube livestream of a Cannaregio neighborhood in Venice. By “regular”, I should come clean and say that I’ve watched it a lot!

I’ll check in on it a couple of times a day – I especially like watching the dawn break. We’ve also had it on the TV during many dinners, like that perpetually-burning Yule Log channel, because watching along with its calming classical soundtrack seems to make our meal taste better!

And of course I’ve had it playing in the studio.

As I’ve mentioned before, not being able to travel over these last three years has surprisingly impacted my motivation to paint. Stuck inside over numerous lockdowns, I’ve had to come up with a number of different tricks and strategies to get my butt in the chair and paint. And even though I haven’t been to this exact spot on my previous trips to Venice, this livestream of Cannaregio has proven to be one of my best motivators!

So it’s no wonder that I’ve felt called to paint Venice again. My new Venice miniature is not of Cannaregio, but of that stunning view across the Grand Canal from Santa Maria Della Salute to San Marco. It’s from a photo taken on the last day I was in Venice in 2014 with my lovely friend and fellow painter, Deb. A great day!

Across The Grand Canal

“Across The Grand Canal” is a 3” round ink and watercolour on archival watercolour paper, cut with a border for 4” framing options. I love this shape for the subject as it adds a certain romantic quality.

I’m very thankful for the technology that has allowed me to almost “be there” and for inspiring this painting. Now I need to turn off the TV and find my way there!

“Across The Grand Canal” framed

For purchasing info, click here.

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