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Satisfying My Grocery-Tourism

Are you condiments-curious? Are you like me and have more condiments in your fridge than actual food to serve them on or with?

The condiments aisle is my favourite in the grocery store, and when travelling, I look forward to the discoveries I’ll make in all-things saucy, spicy, and pickled!

It was no wonder that I stopped in my tracks when I came upon this stall in Barcelona’s Boqueria Market. So many jars, packages and bottles just waiting to be explored. The colours and shapes! I managed to do some perusing before I realized my travel companion had moved on and was now out of sight. How long had I been here, lost in a section of Colombian gourmet imports! So I took a few photos to remember this foodie wonderland and left to catch up with my partner.

Boqueria Essentials

After 16 pandemic-months of zooming in and out of local stores with zero lingering in the condiments aisle, I spent that lingering time with this painting instead. And even though I couldn’t touch these jars and bottles, I did have to look up many of them on the Internet to clarify details and in turn, learned a lot about these products. Nowhere near as good as being there in person, but it was a rewarding experience, taking my time to satiate my condiments curiosity!

“Boqueria Essentials” – 5″ x 7″ ink and watercolour in a 16″sq frame, where else but in the kitchen!

For purchase information, contact me directly. This piece will also be exhibited in the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair online July 2 – 11 (link here).

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