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2021 Drops Of Inspiration

At the beginning of this new year, where is my heart taking me?

To an artist’s house, high above Spoleto Umbria, on a sacred mountain visited often by St. Francis. To peace, nature, and inspiration.

I’m not surprised that I am longing for this place… considering today’s turbulence. It once was a lookout tower, but was converted into a 3-storey house, home to the late American artist, Sol LeWitt and his family. Even though this house was difficult to reach, I remember being enthralled with its interior, outdoor spaces, sounds and views.  The LeWitt family still owns it, and his art is in every room. Being surrounded by his inspiration and this incredible setting, I was driven to create. I wasn’t painting at this time but I was writing. I recall sitting under the awning at the end of this pergola typing away on my little netbook, creating my daily travel blog entries. Productive. Blissful.

After being homebound for so long this past year, I’ve discovered just how powerful a motivator travel has been to my creative practice. Even after coming home from travel, that energy has usually stayed strongly with me as I paint in my studio… until the next trip. But without travel, I find I’m looking for images and memories that retain any remnants of that energy, like rummaging through empty bottles to see if there are any drops of goodness left in the bottom.  Thankfully the photos from this visit 10 years ago had lots of drops of inspiration left!

“Spoleto Pergola”, 2.5″ x 2.5″ ink and watercolour, available in shop

Spoleto Pergola

2.5″ x 2.5″ ink and watercolour miniature painting

A few photos:

Writing Under The Pergola… and doing laundry

The View of Spoleto from the house


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  1. I too have the urge to travel. I find myself drifting daily to my wall of your art pieces to remind myself of where I have been and where I want to go. Your latest art piece made me wonder what it smelled like … sweet, warm and inviting. Thank you for taking me away with your art and your prose.

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