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County Roads, Take Me Home

The best journey takes you home. 

My art practice is inspired by travel, specifically recreating those travel moments where I (and others) have been moved by memorable encounters and extraordinary sights. This summer, I’d made big travel plans to gather new art inspiration, but like many of you, those travel plans got cancelled. Instead I stayed very close to home, here in Ontario, Canada.

It’s not surprising then that my summer’s art has centred on home and the people that represent home. It’s also likely that the uncertain times has made me more mindful and grateful for home and family – of local beauty and the people that have been part of what makes it so beautiful.

When I decided to paint my latest miniature of an old barn I photographed on a day trip to Prince Edward County, my heart was once more in this family place. I’ve also spent many hours this summer working on my family tree – collecting and scanning old family photos, amassing stories, and even driving around one afternoon with my Mom on the hunt for our ancestral family farms. Although this particular barn was not one of “ours”, it was very familiar to me, to the family barns I knew as a kid – somewhat worn down by seasons of harsh weather, peeling paint, stifling July heat inside despite the multitude of holes and gaps.  Yet, standing strong, almost regal.

Cherry Valley Barn – sold

Even though time has aged this barn, I also love the presence of the new growth – the greenery embracing the walls, grounding it to the earth and tying it to the present!

2.5″ x 2.5″ ink and watercolour miniature

For such a little piece of paper, its painting packed a rich punch of fun creating some many textures, and also of memory and gratitude for home.

(Original sold)

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  1. Appreciating home and our local surroundings is one of the good things that have come out of this crazy year. I love your barn painting. I grew up surrounded by many like it. Well done.

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