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My Cinque Terre Recipe

#162 – Vernazza Harbour 

Do you have a place that no matter how many times you visit, it never fails to move you in some way?

The Cinque Terre region of Italy is one of those places for me.

I could sit and stare at the 5 towns on this coast for hours… actually I have. They are so beautiful, having that endearing combination of brilliant colour and rustic wear. One of the places in the world where hanging laundry from windows is truly “window dressing”!

In addition to all its obvious gorgeousness, I’ve had some incredible experiences with people in the Cinque Terre. Making a new good friend and soul-sister. Dissolving into giggle fits with good friends while hiking and feasting and sharing a closet-sized room. Watching the Blood Moon hover over Monterosso al Mare’s beach hand-in-hand with my husband last summer. Two fabulous B&B owners who always go to great lengths to take care of me with their big hugs and homemade gluten-free baking. The reliability of seeing my singing waiter who likes to flirt on every visit to one of my favourite restaurants.

While I was painting this new miniature of Vernazza Harbour, I was joyfully preoccupied with thoughts about all these people and what richness they’ve added to my travel. My recipe for Great Travel really is equal parts PLACE and PEOPLE, and my experiences in the Cinque Terre have given me that! Grazie mille!

2.5″ x 3.5″ ink and watercolour

(Original sold to a collector with fond memories of a special picnic with a loved one at Vernazza)

(Limited Edition prints of this miniature available for a limited time here at my Shop)

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  1. Beautiful work as always Marion. I am planning to go to Puglia in October 2020 yoga nia retreat. And hope to go to Sorrento and Amalfi coast before the retreat. I can’t wait to to see the beauty of Italy. 💜 Hope to get to dome of Leslie’s classes in September. Perhaps I’ll see you on the dance floor. 👣💃

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