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Better Days Behind or Ahead?

I could see this door from quite a distance. The bright red-orange popped against the black painted building. As an avid door lover, I rushed toward it, and when I got my first full view of it, I was unexpectedly moved.

My first impression was “This door’s seen better days” – graffiti, peeling paint, strewn cigarette butts, a broken down stoop. Yet over to the left of the door, one lone spring-green trail of new ivy climbed up the wall. The people I was with had moved on down the street but I was still standing there transfixed. I was having a kinship moment with that door!

I could relate that day to this scene. I’ve also seen some better days – as I age I’m finding more rust and more wear & tear. And yet even though my supposed “better days” have passed, I’ve chosen a new path in the back half of my life. A path that is giving me a sense of renewal and new possibility – my spring-green trail of new ivy.

I took a few photos of this door, and drew it almost immediately. It sat in my drawings inventory for many months, until I saw it again and immediately reconnected to the memory of this moment. As I start another show season, my busiest yet, I chose to paint it to remind me that new growth is always possible.

#124 – Better Days Door, Toronto


(2.5″ x 3.5″; ink and watercolour; available June 2nd on my Etsy shop or at local art events)

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