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There’s Always A Movie Showing In My Head

I’ve come to this conclusion recently… like, last night recently. There is always a movie showing in my head!

While I work on pieces, I am sometimes concentrating on painting decisions and skill execution, but a lot of the time my curiosity is running things! Asking questions, weaving together answers that are bubbling up until story lines start to form.

Like with my new miniature piece, “Nolita Bike Rack, NYC”.

#118 – Nolita Bike Rack, NYC – sold

Who owns this bike? This PINK bike, no less – a girl newly arrived to the Big Apple who doesn’t know she should bring that bike inside to safeguard it if she can? Or a guy who’s borrowed his girlfriend’s bike to ride over in a hurry to Erica Weiner’s jewellery store to buy her a present because today is her birthday… and he forgot.

And why is there a heart sticker on the air conditioning unit? Is it the pink bike owner making a statement?

What are those apartments like that are advertised for lease on those signs? Maybe the pink bike owner has just reviewed one, found out they are way too pricey, and she’s now drowning her sorrows at that green wine bar down the street.  And on and on…

When I come across street scenes, I always wonder about the lives being lived along those streets, past and present. It fascinates me to no end. And that’s probably because I’ve seen far too many movies!

And just to make a finer point of that, here’s my Animated Short Feature of how this piece got made! ;))


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