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A Surprise Around Every Corner

It’s Carnevale time in Venice! Are you there?

Sadly, I’m not, but it’s one of those experiences on my ever-growing list.  I decided that if I can’t be there in person, I’d be there in spirit by painting my next miniature of a Venice scene from my photo library.

On my last visit, I stayed in the San Polo neighbourhood away from the touristy areas so I could wander and discover without the crush of crowds. I clearly remember the moment I came upon this scene – my friend Deb and I were trying to find a local grocery shop without much success. The street map wasn’t making any sense and I was getting flustered. With my head in the map, I stepped onto a small bridge and when I looked up, I saw this:

#111 – San Polo Canal

I stopped in my tracks and immediately all my tension washed away! The drama in those shadows. The swath of sunlight casting a bright lime stripe on the dark canal waters. The shimmery movement of the canal after a boat had just passed. That flowery balcony – who lives there?! That iron gate onto the canal – who lives there?! Being lost didn’t matter anymore. Groceries didn’t matter.

We both stood there for a long while, taking in this scene. After a few minutes we continued on our way, but in much lighter moods.  Unexpected beauty will do that to you!

My experiences in Venice have been like that – something surprising and breath-taking around every corner, down every narrow calle, and over every bridge. What could it possibly be like at Carnevale time – I can’t imagine but I hope we all get to find out someday!

In Studio – 2.5″ x 3.5″, ink and watercolour

Available now on my Etsy Shop, ArtWeWonderful

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