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While Visions of Red Wine Danced in Her Head

Maybe it’s all the holiday get-togethers…

Or maybe it’s the cold weather upon us in Canada…

My thoughts have turned to red wine!

I don’t drink a lot of it during the warmer seasons, but in winter, I really appreciate red wine – the deep rich flavours, the rosy glow it gives me. And lately, I’ve had a few glasses of it in my studio to toast the end of a long painting day. So with all my painting obligations done for the year, I decided to paint a piece “just because”, and it’s probably not a coincidence I painted an Italian vineyard. An Italian vineyard that grows grapes for one its finest red wines, Barolo!

I’ve been to the town of Barolo in the Piemonte region of Italy twice, and it’s a beautiful little village filled with lots of opportunities to try its namesake wine. From the wine museum in the castle that rises up at the end of town to its wonderful restaurants, Barolo wine is proudly celebrated and I must admit I eagerly joined in the celebrations! It’s a very big and flavourful wine, goes down silky-smooth – my mouth is watering as I write this… In Italy, it’s a premier wine and a higher price point but I bought a 20 euro bottle from a vintner there who invited us into his small winery after we knocked on his door! (And it was delicious!) Unfortunately that isn’t the price of Barolo here in Canada so it’s definitely a very special occasion wine. Is Christmas special enough?

While I await the 25th, I’ll prepare my wine palate with my painting palette instead… Here’s a 5″ x 7″ ink and watercolour called “Barolo Vineyard” (inspired by a 2014 travel photo).

Salute! Cin Cin!






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  1. Hi Marion What a beautiful piece of art! Merry Christmas. Have a wonderful holiday with family and friends. I hope to dance with you soon. Sheilla

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  2. I am SO with you – though I am peppering my studio with wine from Puglia – Negroamaro, Primitivo – a bit lower price range, but only until people discover how rich and delicious it is!! It really does keep the cold winter in balance, and your beautiful painting cheerss my eyes!! Happy Christmas!

  3. I really love the composition of your painting, very cleaver and quite difficult to make work, which you did beautifully. I totally share your love of barolo wine, which is just as expensive here in Australia, but so worth it. As it is summer here I will be sipping on champagne for our festive celebrations, and having finished my commissions I will be celebrating that as well. Merry Christmas. Karen

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