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You Leave Me Breathless!

Do you have a view that never fails to take your breath away… no matter how many times you see it?

My favourite is probably Florence’s Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore, more affectionately known as Il Duomo. I have seen it in person dozens of times, and it always makes me sigh and renders me speechless. Even when I see a photo of it, I’m affected!

So, it goes without saying, it’s the specific subject I’ve drawn and painted most frequently. And, it’s the subject of my 69th Mini Vacation ink and watercolour piece. This painting showcases the side view over the red-tiled rooftops from a Palazzo Vecchio window. (Drawn from a favourite 2009 photo reference)

As I’m off to Italy in early May, I’ll be making a quick stop in Piazza del Duomo to be blown away, astonished, flabbergasted, bowled over, dazzled, agog, and ultimately… made speechless!!

#69 – A Duomo View, Florence – sold

#69 – A Duomo View, Florence (in studio)


(Just purchased by a collector and a fellow lover of Florence!)


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  1. I like the sketch also. I am learning Italian, so maybe someday I will visit Italy. Not now though, as I am not able to leave NY City. Keep up the pleasure of drawing!
    . Cindy

  2. I have just discovered and started to follow your blog which I find quite beautiful and inspiring. My wife and I travel extensively around the world and always visit galleries and museums as we go, often seeking connections between art and travel generally or an artist and locality specifically. Your sketches do this perfectly as we try to do with a camera since neither of us can draw or paint to save our lives! Would you mind if I reblogged this post on my own blog?

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