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Piano, Piano!

Something’s been keeping me from you all! Three weeks without a single post – something must be going on!

I’ve been head-down and focused on a large piece. Yes, you read that correctly – a LARGE piece. Well, at least, large for me. It’s an 11″ x 17″ ink and watercolour of Riomaggiore, one of the beautiful Cinque Terre towns – drawn from a 2006 travel photo.

I drew the piece in ink almost a year ago, and had intended to paint it in time for my exhibition season. But my joy at painting “Mini Vacations” pieces took over, and I didn’t get a single drop of paint on it… until 3 weeks ago.  I’ve put 17 painting days into it, ranging from 4 to 10 hours each day, and I’m still not finished. Arrggh! Thankfully, the most intricate parts are done, and I’ve got at least 4 full days of painting left for final shadows, the greenery, and the seashore.

Here’s a slideshow of the progression. Painting mostly from top to bottom, left to right (I’m right-handed). Along the way, adding details like shutters, balconies and terrace railings (there are soooo many terraces), clotheslines and laundry, roof lines and shadows.

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Started here, now here:


Hopefully, my next post will be the finished piece and the memories that inspired it! A bit more patience, girl, or as they say in Italian, “Piano, Piano” (little by little).

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    • Thanks, Sheryl! And I know what you’re saying about leaving it as is. I must have considered that a number of times. I’m past the point now though, I think. And the boats yet to be painted on the left are so colourful, it would kill me to leave them. Lol

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