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Sending Love To Québec

I’ve spent the past week working on 2 Mini pieces with scenes of Québec City – as the starting 2 works of a series celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday. I chose to paint images of this city first because I adore it. Yesterday afternoon (Sunday), I finished the second piece of the wonderful Rue Saint-Louis, and then, like the rest of the world, got the news of the horrific shootings in Québec City.

This morning, I’ve been looking at these 2 finished pieces and the news, and feeling a multitude of feelings. I must have typed and deleted this post at least 10 times, pouring out these thoughts. And here on draft #11, I’ve arrived back to where I had originally started – wanting to show my love for Québec City through my art.

Sending healing love to all in this truly beautiful city, and I look forward to visiting soon!

#61 - Old Quebec City Charm

#61 – Old Quebec City Charm


#62 - Summer Day on Rue Saint-Louis

#62 – Summer Day on Rue Saint-Louis

61 & 62 Studio



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  1. ohh yes Québec City – that was a sad news. Loved your paintings of beautiful city 😍
    and I do remember about your series celebrating Canada’s 150th birthday, eager to see that too 💜

  2. So senseless and so very, very difficult. I have never visited, but now my heart says go…. and I will, to sketch and mourn and be ever grateful I have art as an outlet, an antidote to tragedy.

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