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The Romance of Old Doors

I definitely have a thing for doors. On one vacation, I was determined to take enough photos to make one of those photo calendars of doors. And I think on every vacation since, I’ve taken more and more door photos – I could make calendars for the next several years! But for now, I’m turning three of these photos into Mini Vacations pieces, and here are the first two.

What is it about doors?

They certainly fire up my curiosity and imagination, especially the old ones. How old is it and what history has it seen? Who has lived behind it and who lives there now? Who crafted the door and why is it painted as it is… or not? And then my inner storyteller starts formulating the answers to those questions!

This first door piece is from a photo I took in Saint-Paul de Vence in Provence a few years ago. The door had seen better days, for sure, but the combinations of peeling paint, crumbling wood, and draping bourgainvillea conjured up such romance for me.  And a textures challenge to paint in a small format!

#24 - Rustic Door in Saint-Paul de Vence (studio)

#24 – Rustic Door in Saint-Paul de Vence – sold


The second door piece is also from Provence, but this time from Vincent Van Gogh’s old stomping grounds of Saint-Rémy de Provence. This door was old too, but in much better shape thanks no doubt to several coats of white paint over the years. But, throw in climbing pink roses, flower-filled pots and green climbers, and this old white door is elevated to something extra-special!

#25 - Door in Saint-Remy de Provence (studio)

#25 – Door in Saint-Remy de Provence – sold

Any other door lovers out there? What draws you to them?

(All pieces are 2.5″ x 3.5″, the size of a sports or bubblegum card. Done with professional grade watercolours and permanent ink on 140 lb archival watercolour paper. If you are interested, the scanned versions of these pieces are in the slideshow on the side, as well as in the Gallery)


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  1. Great tiny paintings. Love the format size, excellent for doors! Would make great ‘post’ cards for friends.

  2. Love these, Marion! The detail…phew! 😀
    These are my kinda doors…the French have it down pat…romance, beauty, colour, individuality and in the house numbering as well. Often I’m drawn to the numbers on a property, especially if it has been done creatively. A calendar sounds great.

    • Hi, Janina: I’m also drawn to the numbering. I bought some beautiful ceramic numbers for our house, and was so sad to leave them behind when we moved a few years ago.

      • That is sad. Well, at least, you can always go back to Italy and get some more, the kind that can be removed!

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