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Balconies in Canal #3

At my Pop Up Show in February, I was asked a number of times if I had “3 of” (insert subject/city name). I learned that people really like 3’s! And I only had 3-print options for the subjects of Burano and Flower Pots.

I spent the day after the show arranging all my photo subjects for the next Mini Vacation pieces into 3’s. So, that’s why I’m posting yet another Venice canal piece – Venice Canal Balconies.

21 Venice Canal Balconies

21 Venice Canal Balconies

The photo inspiration for this piece comes from a 2014 trip, where I was transfixed with the balconies. The elaborate stonework and ironwork on these balconies (plus, a few flowers) elevates these well-worn exteriors. And I also love when something practical like a balcony railing is made into a thing of beauty! It doesn’t need to be, but why pass up the opportunity for creating art!

I have one more Venice piece to do, but I’m done with canals for now. For those who like 3’s, here are the 3 canals together:

Venice Canals Triptych

Venice Canals Triptych

Three Canals (framed and hanging in series)

Three Canals
(framed and hanging in series)

Onto the next set of 3’s… hmmm… what will they be?

(BTW, all 3 originals are available at my Etsy shop. Stop in for a visit!)





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