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Visiting The Vistas Folder

Vis-ta, n.  

a) a large and beautiful view of an area of land or water

b) a distant view through or along an avenue or opening

I spent a few days around the holidays scrolling through files and files of our photos to pick out subjects I might like to draw or paint someday, and especially for this mini art card project. Then I organized them into themed folders, so they would be easier to find. I’ve been into the “Buildings” and “Gardens” folders a few times for painting subjects, but for these next 2 art cards, I dug into the “Vistas” folder.


Lungomare di Varenna

Lungomare di Varenna – sold



True to definition A, this vista is of the pretty town with that amazing boardwalk I spoke about in my last post – Varenna on Lake Como. It’s a much quieter town than the busy Bellagio or Como down the lake, and it was our first stop on our 2008 vacation. Great place to decompress! Put me on water and I’m a happy girl, so our hotel was on the lake and we ate often along the lake.



Via Dei Servi, Florence

Via Dei Servi, Florence – sold

True to definition B, this vista sends the viewer narrowly down Via dei Servi in Florence to the Duomo. There are many streets that radiate out from the Duomo so this is a common vista, but each time I see it, it takes my breath away. I was on this street last year, searching out a recommended art supply store as I needed new multi-liners. When I stepped out the shop and was making my way back to my B&B, this vista was right in front of me. Had to take the photo! I had originally thought of this photo for a bigger art piece, but decided to try it as a wee one.


That’s 9 cards done, and I aim to be at 12 by Monday morning to get back on track. I think I need to go to the “Flowers” folder and leave these tricky vistas in order to catch up!


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    • I use 0.05 pigment liners for the bigger line work and 0.03 liners for the smaller details. Brands are either Staedtler or Copic, whichever ones I have that are fresh. Only downside of using these liners is their nibs are very delicate, and because I use the rougher 140 lb cold-pressed watercolour paper, I ruin pens quickly. Oh well.

    • Thanks so much, Laura! Yes, for the last few cards, I’ve only had fresh Copic 0.03 pigment liners. Need to make an art supply shop run to get some 0.05’s. For some of the first few cards, I was experimenting with a pen I was recommended – a Muji .25 pen, but I discovered it wasn’t waterproof! And I wasn’t looking for that blurry effect for the painting. Took forever to carefully paint those cards without sending the ink all over the place. LOL

  1. These are really wonderful miniatures, so full of detail and good feelings. Love the colours, they make the scenes come alive.

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