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Doing It Daily – February 1 – 7

A month into my daily drawing and I’m hitting a bit of a wall – the “Wall” being that sometimes the prompt subjects don’t motivate me to draw. And especially if I have other painting or drawing projects/homework on-the-go that deserve some extra time. Or so my evil Procrastinator Voice tells me…

As one way of dealing with the Wall, I tried interpreting the drawing prompts in a way that would motivate me. This meant that some of these drawings got more detailed and complicated… so by the time I hit February 7, I was just plain tired and spent that day’s prompt just doing lettering.

I’m going to try another tactic this week – planning out what I’ll draw each day versus always making it a spontaneous act at 8 pm. We’ll see how that goes.

Last week’s post-able drawings are:

  • Something spicy – went very loose on this one
February 1 - Massaman Curry

February 1 – Massaman Curry

  •  An old door – Loved this old door, when I saw it in Triora Italy last summer. Such a beautiful design, but so much rust-action going on! Fading elegance!
February 2 - An Old Door in Triora

Feb 2 – An Old Door in Triora

  • Something from an opera – The obvious thing would have been to draw people in costume, but I went back to architecture, and sketched the interior and exterior views of La Scala Opera House in Milan. After I got going, I cursed myself for not drawing people! But in the end was happy with the sketch, especially the interior.
February 3 - La Scala Opera House

February 3 – La Scala Opera House

  • Something Tuscan – A cypress tree? A bottle of Chianti? No, I chose the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. You can see I’ve been in a very Italian frame of mind lately. This week especially because I just booked a flight to Rome for the spring. I’m obviously excited and preoccupied.
February 4 - Ponte Vecchio

February 4 – Ponte Vecchio

  • Something healthy – And now for something completely different… and completely wonky! My almond milk container ready for the recycle bin – ha ha! Sitting on my sofa, watching “Shark Tank”, with this carton posing on my coffee table. Every time I look at this drawing I will think of Kevin O’Leary… which is probably the opposite of something healthy!
February 5 - Something Healthy

February 5 – Something Healthy


Thanks for stopping by, and for your encouraging comments!



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  1. Really nice rendering, I particularly like the almond milk. I have this same problem with finding it hard to do a daily challenge entry right at the end of the day. I’ve changed my habits and wake up earlier and find it much easier for some reason, then it’s out the way and I can do other work or even something better.

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