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Doing It Daily – January 17 – 23

Still on track for drawing daily!

My subjects for last week were:

  • Draw my favourite singer
  • Draw a building you like
  • Draw a selfie
  • Draw a glass of wine
  • Draw someone’s slippers
  • Draw some pears
  • Draw my childhood home

Luckily, the “building I like” day was my Urban Sketchers event, so that worked out well. But for the most part, I do these drawings while relaxing after dinner, often with the TV, a movie or music on in the background. So when looking at these drawings, I associate them with what was on in the background! For example, whenever I look at the slippers sketch, I think of “The Skeleton Twins” movie with Kristin Wiig and Bill Hader (a fantastic movie, by the way).

So here are 3 of the sketches that are post-worthy (or at least, post-passable):

Jan 19 A Selfie

Jan 19 – A Selfie

Jan 21 - Dan's Slippers

Jan 21 – Dan’s Slippers

Jan 22 - Ceramic Pears on Glass

Jan 22 – Ceramic Pears on Glass


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  1. Your paintings are wonderful, I subscribed and look forward to seeing more you post! 🙂
    Keep up the good work!

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