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The Wonderful World in Travel Journals

Abbazia di San Galgano, Tuscany

Abbazia di San Galgano, Tuscany

Whenever I travel, I keep a travel journal with written daily entries, but for my next trip, I am going to keep an illustrated travel journal.

I’ve been preparing for this trip by doing pen drawings out in my neighbourhood – often, freezing on park benches. I’ve been doing pen and watercolour sketches from photos of past trips. I’ve also been getting inspiration for page layouts from the incredible book, “An Illustrated Journey: Inspiration From The Private Art Journals of Traveling Artists, Illustrators and Designers” by Danny Gregory.

I draw slowly. I paint slowly. I will fall terribly behind on my trip if I spend a lot of time on each sketch. So I’ve been trying to speed up, be more loose – very hard for me. I do take a photograph of the subject I am drawing, usually to do the watercolour later. But I don’t always want to depend upon this method. I want to capture the moment and BE in that moment.

Here are a few of my practise sketches:

Museum on a Wintry Day

Museum on a Wintry Day


A Man on the Piazza

A Man on the Piazza

Waiting At The Airport

Waiting At The Airport

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  1. I love your pictures! What a great way to capture a place.
    I’m working on a book where real people who write share about writing. It’s to inspire people to write and find what works for them. I’ve got some pieces on travel writing and would love to include something from you with a picture.
    I’d like to include this line: ‘Whenever I travel, I keep a travel journal with written daily entries, but for my next trip.; And then I was wondering if you could expand on that in a paragraph (why you do it, how it helps, etc.) with a photo of one of the places you’ve drawn. Nothing fancy, just simple and honest words.
    Your name, age and location would be included and all credit would go to you for your words.
    All good if you’re not interested. Just thought I’d check.

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