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For The Birds

Zee Fancy Bird

Zee Fancy Bird

The first print pulled from my GelliArts printing plate is Zee Fancy Bird, while Zee Not-so-fancy Birds below is the second or “ghost print”.

I painted my printing plate with a few colours and then laid on curled strips of cut cardstock and pulled a primary print. Then I pulled off the strips for the ghost print. I did this process 3 times with different colours. Besides the prints, I also ended up with these very colourful printed strips that reminded me of long-necked geese and swans. So I decided to incorporate them into the primary and ghost prints. After many arrangements of these strips, I arrived at these two and glued these pieces to the prints, finishing the print with a light layer of fluid Matte Medium.

Zee Not-so-fancy Birds - acrylic ghost print with printed cardstock strips

Zee Not-so-fancy Birds

Experimentation can yield such surprising results!

Until next week…


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